Short Video Competition of 100 Countries and Hometowns Is Coming




Invitation Letter of Global Hometown Envoy Project & Short Video Competition of 

100 Countries and Hometowns

The year 2021 marks the 140th anniversary of Lu Xun’s birth and the 100th anniversary of the publication of Lu Xun’s famous work Hometown. On the occasion of this centenary celebration, Lu Xun and World Culture Research Institute of Beijing Language and Culture University launched the "Global Hometown Envoy Project & Short Video Competition of 100 Countries and Hometowns", thus to review the hometown love in Lu Xun’s works and invite friends from all over the world to share their hometowns in their eyes.


About the Event: Friends from China and abroad are welcome to take a short video on the theme of "Hometown in My Eyes" in any form. Text description is needed to introduce what the video is about.

Submission Date: May 1st - July 31st

Selection Rules: The organizing committee will select 10 best works from all the collected ones. The 10 winners will earn the opportunity to join the "Global Hometown Envoy Project", starting a 3-day/2-night trip on September 25th to Shaoxing, Lu Xun’s hometown. You will live in a famous hotel in Shaoxing with free room and board, visit the house of Lu Xun’s grandma, watch great cultural show and win the honorary title of "Global Hometown Envoy".

How to participant:

·Step One: 

Scan the QR code below and fill in the registration information.


·Step Two: 

Upload the video and text content for the competition to The email should be named in the format of "Work’s Name + Author's Name". For any questions, please contact Nikki Chen at 00861082300038.

Specific Requirements:

1.The video should be no longer than 3 minutes, with mp4 or mov format and the resolution of 1920*1080 at least, in Chinese or English. If the video is not taken in the above languages, please provide a Chinese or English script translation and send it to the designated email address, and bilingual subtitles in "mother tongue & Chinese" is preferred.

2.The video should be created surrounding the feature of hometown, great beauty of hometown, or Lu Xun's work Hometown. The content should be healthy, positive, thoughtful, warm, creative and resonant.

3.The work must be original, and plagiarism is strictly prohibited. In case the work involves any legal issues such as infringement, the author would take the responsibility by him/herself.

4.Excellent works will be used by the organizer and the authorized media for daily promotion and publicity.


1 Souvenir,

2 Tael of Huadiao Wine,

3 Days of Shao Xing Tour,

4 Pieces of Stinky Tofu,

5 Fennel Beans.

Showered with hometown love,come and join us!